COVID 19 - What we are doing

[June 2020]

These are some of the things that we have implemented in the salon to ensure the safety of both staff and clients:


  • Sanitise hands-on arrival

  • Take temperature of clients and staff on arrival  (all staff have had their temperature took for 10 days running to understand their average temperature) 

  • Clients will be expected to cancel appointments if feeling unwell

  • Two-meter social distancing will be enforced between clients and members of staff where possible 

  • Record name, date and contact details of clients in case we need to trace

  • Run longer shift patterns to social distance

  • Use PPE were needed (masks, gloves, aprons, face shields)

  • Remove magazines /books

  • Use only disposable towels

  • Hang room dividers where possible

  • Staff to wear face shields

  • Allow time between each client to fully sanitise areas 

  • Stagger clients

  • Use disposable water cups

  • All staff to wear hair up 

  • One member of staff to take payments bookings and constantly cleaning

  • Card payment encouraged 

  • Tissues and hand sanitiser available at all work stations

  • All tools changed and disinfected between clients

  • Clients encouraged to wear facial coverings

  • Clients asked to not arrive early to keep the number of people in salon down

  • Staff COVID 19 training before reopening 

  • When using the bathroom we have replaced towels with disposable roll and antibacterial hand wash is provided

We understand that these are unusual times, so if there is anything that we can do to make you feel more comfortable then please just let us know and we will accommodate if possible.